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Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Food, Environment and Extension

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Welcome to Agro-Science Journal
Agro-Science, the journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka was borne out of the need for a forum and technical mouthpiece for the communication and extension of scientific and agricultural research in the tropics. Agro-Science is an international journal of high technical/intellectual quality. It was originally published twice per year but the frequency has increased to three times a year (January, May and September). It is tropical in scope and has the following areas of focus: Crop Science; Animal Science; Animal Health; Soil and Environment; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Extension; Home Economics; Food and Nutrition; Post Harvest Technology; Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization.

The journal publishes original papers covering the areas of focus. Manuscript in English should be prepared in double spaced typing, on one side of A4 paper. Papers should be subdivided into: Introduction, Materials and Method, Result and Discussion and should contain Abstract that is more than 250 words....more >>
Manuscripts, typed in character size 12, double spaced, with 1" Margin all round on A4 paper, should be submitted in triplicate with the processing charge of N1000, $20 and $30 to be paid on submission by contributors from within Nigeria, other parts of Africa and outside Africa, respectively. ...more >>
     Agro-Science is 10              

Agro-Science celebrate 10 years un-interrupted publication

Volume 10 No.1 of Agro-Science will be a special edition to celebrate the 10thth Anniversary of the journal. The theme is climate change and African agriculture.

Watch out! You cannot afford to miss this highly informative edition

Prof M.I. Uguru

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