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Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Food, Environment and Extension

ISSN 1119-7455
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Article No 5 of Volume 4.2 (2005)

Agbo, C. U. and Obi, I. U.

Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Corresponding Author: Agbo, C. U. Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka




The performance of eleven rice genotypes obtained from National Cereals Research Institute, Badeggi, Nigeria and a local check were evaluated in Nsukka for two cropping seasons. Statistical analyses were performed on the agronomic and yield related traits and biotic stresses measured on the rice genotypes. Combined analysis of variance was estimated using mixed models of random years and fixed treatment on the genotypes’ traits measured. There was significant (p = 0.05) genotypic differences in all the traits and biotic stresses measured in both years. The genotype ITA 324 gave the highest yield of 3.9 t/ha in both years.  There was significant genotype by year interaction (G x Y) with most of the traits indicating differential genotypic expressions. The highly significant differences in the agronomic characters and biotic stresses measured gives room for further selection. Thus, genotypes that showed higher resistance to the stresses and had higher yields will be favoured in selection.


Keywords: Biotic stresses, G x Y interaction, Selection

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