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Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Food, Environment and Extension

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Please, read the message below carefully before you continue.
The journal publishes original papers covering the areas of focus. Manuscript in English should be prepared in double spaced typing, on one side of A4 paper. Papers should be subdivided into: Introduction, Materials and Method, Result and Discussion and should contain Abstract that is more than 250 words. Key words not exceeding (5) words should be included below the Abstract. Tables and figures should be supplied on separate sheets,. Photographs must be black and white. Every table should have a short descriptive caption at the top and carry no vertical lines or embellishments. The captions for the figures should be at the bottom. Numbering for Tables and figures should be in Arabic numerals, that is, Table 1, 2, ...., and Figure 1, 2, ...., etc. the appropriate positions of all illustrations should be indicated in the text. The title, which must be short and concise, should head the article. Author's name, consisting of the surname, followed by the initials should be written below the title. This should be followed by the author's affiliations with full address. References in the text must be given by the author's name with the year of publication. The literature cited must be given alphabetically according to the author's names at the end of the paper as follows:

Journals: Jana, S. and Khanguara, B. S. (1986). Conservation of diversity in bulk production of Barley. Euphytica 35:761-776.

Books: Leopold, A. C. (1989). Plant growth and development, 2nd ed. Teta McGraw Hill, New Dlhi pp 55-60.

Manuscripts, typed in character size 12, double spaced, with 1 Margin all round on A4 paper, should be submitted in triplicate with the processing charge of N1000, $20 and $30 to be paid on submission by contributors from within Nigeria other parts of Africa and outside Africa, respectively. Similarly, there will be printing charge of N10000 and $150 for accepted articles from within Nigeria and foreign subscribers, respectively. All payments are to be made in cash, cheque, and bank draft or by money transfer. Accepted manuscripts will be returned to authors for final correction and re-submission in MS Word 2002 (or later) format.

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